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little generation day care

5 Star Award Winning Program

Little Generation Day Care is committed to investing its best in little minds that will one day grow up to be great minds!


Little Generation Day Care currently holds a 5-star rating through the Step Up to Quality system.  This is the highest rating a center can receive through the State of Ohio.  We are a learning and development program with a level of quality that exceeds Ohio’s child care licensing standards.  High-quality learning and development programs are important because early experiences last a lifetime. Your child has approximately 1,892 days from the time he or she is born until kindergarten. What happens on this journey lays the foundation for success in school and life.  Little Generation meets the 5-star qualifications by:

  • Demonstrating a commitment to quality by hiring teachers and staff with higher educational qualifications than 1, 2, and 3 star rated programs
  • Demonstrating the value of ongoing professional development by completing 30 or more hours of specialized training every year for all administrators and teachers
  • Using the needs, interests, and abilities of children as the basis for developing experiences and activities
  • Using child assessment results to plan activities and make changes to the classrooms to best support learning and development goals for each child
  • Using Ohio Early Learning and Development Standards to support children’s learning
  • Engaging in a continuous improvement process by completing a self-assessment on the center yearly
  • Conducting self-assessments and utilizing results to identify strengths and develop action plans to improve classroom practice on each individual classroom yearly
  • Developing an action plan with goals for overall program development based on results of the yearly self-assessments
  • Utilizing families’ and community partners’ input to inform the program’s continuous improvement process
  • Maintaining an active and organized parent volunteer group
  • Working collaboratively with families to share assessment results, create goals for children and develop plans to support children as they transition into a new classroom or educational setting
  • Working with other organizations or businesses within the community to support children and their families